Poker Glossary

Poker terms beginning with a "W"


If you're on the big blind and all other players decide to fold, you win the pot without doing anything; this is called a walk.

Washed Deck

A deck that has been spread out and mixed on the table in a washing motion to randomize the cards.


WCOOP is the abbreviation for World Championship of Online Poker.

Weak Ace

If your pocket cards consist of an ace and a low kicker, you have a weak ace. For example: Ace of Spades 4 of Hearts.

Weak Tight

A playing style characterized by playing few hands (tight) and playing them passively (weak), often folding to aggression.

Wet Board

A board with many possible draws, such as straight and flush draws, making it likely that someone has hit a strong hand. Also named wet deck. Also see draw.


A wealthy but inexperienced player who plays at high stakes and tends to lose large sums of money.


A wheel is the lowest possible straight. E.g., Ace of Spades 2 of Hearts 3 of Clubs 4 of Diamonds 5 of Spades.


A situation in a multi-way pot where a player is raised and then re-raised by another player, often resulting in the original raiser being caught in the middle.

Wild Card

A card that can be used to represent any other card in the deck, common in home games and certain poker variants.

Wired Pair

Wired pair is a less common expression for pocket pair.

Window Card

In Stud poker, the first upcard dealt to each player, visible to all opponents.


WPT is the abbreviation for World Poker Tour.

Wraparound Straight

A straight in which the ace is used both as the highest and lowest card, such as Ace of Any Color 2 of Any Color 3 of Any Color 4 of Any Color 5 of Any Color and 10 of Any Color Jack of Any Color Queen of Any Color King of Any Color Ace of Any Color.


WSOP is the abbreviation for World Series of Poker.