Five Card Draw

Many consider Five Card Draw the easiest poker variant, often played by children and families. Though five card stud is technically easier, it lacks the factor of choice and potential hand improvement. This makes draw a better game for new players and those still learning poker. Despite online casinos offering tables for Five Card Draw, people typically play it in casual home games. Professional players have moved on to what they consider more “mature” poker versions.

How to play Five Card Draw

Players receive five cards, one at a time, and evaluate their hands. A round of betting follows. Players may discard up to three cards, except for those holding an Ace, who can draw four. In Five Card Draw, the “four with an Ace” house rule lets an ace represent a four. Once players receive new cards, a second round of betting occurs. The player with the highest cards wins the pot if a showdown is necessary. People usually play Five Card Draw in informal settings, and only a few online casinos have tables for this game.

What it offers

Beginning players can learn essential skills from Five Card Draw. They learn to build a hand and see its potential rather than its immediate worth.

Draw’s concept teaches a vital skill that is crucial in advanced poker games like Hold’em. Draw also teaches players the basics of bluffing and observing other players. New players must avoid taking the maximum amount of cards, as this makes bluffing impossible. Players in Five Card Draw must discard cards, and opponents can observe the number of cards discarded, requiring strategic play.

Five Card Draw variations

A house rule in certain Five Card Draw games prohibits using the bottom card of the deck as a replacement. This rule prevents players who may have seen the card from having an advantage. In this rule, Five Card Draw players can select a discard or shuffle it back before dealing.


Lowball variants are popular in Five Card Draw, where players compete for the worst hand possible. In “Deuce to Seven Lowball,” players aim for2 of Any Color 3 of Any Color 4 of Any Color 5 of Any Color 7 of Any Color off-suit, while “A-5 Triple Lowball” is played withAce of Any Color 2 of Any Color 3 of Any Color 4 of Any Color 5 of Any Color as the best possible hand. These games have three drawing/betting rounds.

Players have various options when playing Five Card Draw such as Double Draw and Triple Draw. Before dealing the cards, players can introduce wild cards or a betting phase named Blind and Straddle.

Spanish Five Card Draw

In Spanish Five Card Draw, the French Piquet deck replaces traditional poker cards, deviating from the standard game. This deck contains cards from 7 through Ace, and removes 2-6. Due to the differences in the deck used in Spanish Five Card Draw, the ranking of poker hands changes. For instance, a flush now ranks between four of a kind and a full house.