Poker Bonus

Consider that not all online poker sites offer equal bonuses and promotions, beyond software and compatibility. When choosing where to play, take the time to compare bonuses and ensure you’re getting the most for your money.

When playing poker online, take the time to shop around and ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. Always claim the bonuses offered by online poker sites, as leaving money unclaimed results in loss. Even if the bonus money wasn’t originally yours, it’s important to maximize its value. Look for sites that offer good poker bonuses to make the most of your investment.

Here’s a list of the things to look for in a poker bonus:

  1. Maximum height of the bonus
  2. Percent match of the bonus
  3. Minimum deposit amount
  4. Clearing of bonus in one chunk or increments
  5. Realistic or hard to clear
  6. Other free perks included in the bonus

People use a poker bonus for two primary reasons. New players might want to extend their initial budget. Experienced players may aim to boost their bankroll by leveraging essentially free money. Many professional players maintain accounts on multiple sites, and not just for diversifying their pool of opponents!

While searching for a poker bonus, you should consider a few key factors.

What is the height of the poker bonus?

Bonuses typically target first-time players exclusively. Occasionally, sites offer these bonuses to returning players after a long absence. The site provides these bonuses as a reward for choosing to play with them. When you make your initial deposit, you receive a bonus, but not all at once! Most bonuses have specific restrictions.

Find out the requirements to clear the bonus. Usually, you must win a specific number of rakes and understand the increment at which the bonus clears. Determine the time frame you have to clear your bonus as well. On numerous sites, you forfeit any uncleared portion after the specified period.

A $1000 poker bonus may seem more appealing than a $ 500 bonus, but clearance conditions matter. The $500 bonus, clearing in $10 increments, might be better than the $1000 bonus clearing all at once. This is especially true with the same time frame to clear both bonuses and uncertain play frequency. It’s especially relevant for relatively new players.

The percent match

The majority of sites provide a match bonus, where they match your deposit up to a specific amount. The percentage match can range from 50% to 200% or even higher! Similar to pure bonuses, you typically have a limited time to “unlock” the entire bonus. Always ensure you examine the details carefully!

Is there anything free?

Besides bonuses and match bonuses, which are essentially free money for playing, many sites offer extra incentives. These can include free tickets to weekly or monthly tournaments, freerolls, or free poker money with no strings attached. Sometimes, you can even earn branded items like towels, shirts, bags, or mugs. Watch for these additional poker bonuses, as there’s something for everyone!

Most of the bonus codes you find here are exclusive to We’ve negotiated fantastic deals with some of the largest poker sites for our visitors. We understand that securing a great deal is nearly as important to you as finding an enjoyable game! The bonuses provided by various sites change periodically. Rest assured that we’ll bring you the best deals and keep them updated. We’re always on the hunt for better deals, and once we find a great one, we’ll share it with you.

Frequently asked questions about bonuses

The online poker industry is incredibly competitive. Poker sites constantly compete for players, offering poker bonuses to attract new players. Sometimes, they even provide no deposit bonuses. By doing this, they hope that new players will have a positive experience and continue playing at their poker site.

Bonus chasing is the practice of moving your bankroll between poker sites to capitalize on promotional bonus offers. continually negotiates with online poker sites to secure the best deals possible. For example, we can offer higher bonuses than average. This is because we grant top promotions to certain poker sites on our website.

Creating a free bankroll while playing online poker

Many online poker sites offer promotional bonuses, providing players with bonus money for making a deposit. Often, sites release bonus money after players reach a minimum number of real money table hands. In rare cases, playing Sit & Go tournaments can also qualify. People refer to this process as “bonus clearing.”

Conversely, bonus chasing involves maximizing profits by transitioning between poker sites and accumulating bonuses as you go.

It’s essential to have a basic understanding of poker. We recommend reviewing the Texas Hold’em rules before beginning and learning some crucial poker strategies. Remember, poker involves more than cards; patience is crucial in reaching the payout point.

Bonus chasing

Bonus chasing refers to the practice of transferring your bankroll between poker sites to take advantage of promotional bonus offers.

  • Sign-up Bonus
    Poker sites award a sign-up bonus to players who register a new account. Your bankroll receives a specific amount of bonus money as a result.
  • First Deposit Bonus
    Some poker sites necessitate a deposit to be eligible for a bonus. They usually provide the most attractive deals to players who register a new account. We call this a first deposit bonus.
  • Reload Bonus
    Poker sites offer reload bonuses to players who have already registered an account and made a deposit. This strategy encourages existing players to return and rewards loyal players.

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Poker sites generate profits from rakes. A rake refers to a small percentage taken from a pot at real money tables. The amount of rake collected varies across poker sites.

We recommend thoroughly reviewing the terms and conditions for each offered bonus before making a deposit.

Playing save is the key to success

We’ve now reached the most critical part of bonus chasing. Your goal in chasing bonuses is to collect them and, of course, preserve your initial deposit. If you’re not an advanced poker player yet, forget about making profits solely by playing poker. Avoid risking your entire bankroll, leaving with only experience, albeit valuable!

We recommend playing very tight and only participating in hands with a high win percentage. You can occasionally play a risky hand if your position is favorable and your opponents appear weak. Remember, your primary goal is to break even since the bonus will ultimately be your profit.

To minimize risks, consider playing limit Texas Hold’em. If you’re a beginner, we suggest starting at a $ 0.50/$ 1.00 table.

Avoid going on tilt. Tilt, a term used by poker players, describes the emotional state after a significant loss. It may lead to losing much of their money in just a few hands. Be cautious, as everyone will experience tilt at some point. The best way to avoid tilt is to stop and leave the poker site immediately. Give it another try on a different day once you’ve cleared your mind.