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OnlinePokerSitesUS.com strives to provide you with information to play free online poker, where possible for real money. If you patiently follow the methods we provide, you will see that you eventually will learn to master the game. Once you’re a poker expert, you will slowly find out that your bankroll grows.

We are constantly looking out for the best deals, which will benefit both you and us. If you see an offer on our site that you like, it is necessary that you use our links. This is the same for bonus codes. To become eligible for our deals, online poker sites need to know that you’re using our referral links.

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OnlinePokerSitesUS.com is an English spoken site, however we also have comparable sites in Dutch, German, as well as in Italian.

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Our team of experienced writers

OnlinePokerSitesUS.com makes use of a group of individual writers. Our writers are all selected with tremendous care and have lots of experience in their respective areas.

This group of individuals consists of some freelance journalists/ news writers. In case of specific poker strategy related content we rely on several poker players with mid – to high level experience.

Here follow some of the names of our writers currently responsible for the content in our Poker Articles & Newssection:

  • Giorgio (Overall – the Netherlands)
  • Elizabeth (Website Content – USA)
  • Ken “King Cobra” Stephens (Poker Strategies – Canada)
  • Carl “The Dean” Sampson (Poker Strategies – UK)
  • Chris Wheeler (Poker Strategies – Australia)

Previous contributors to OnlinePokerSitesUS.com

  • Michael (Poker News – USA)
  • Eric (Poker Site Promotions, Poker Strategies, Website Content – USA)
  • Cathy Roberts a.k.a. LadyHoldem (Poker Site Promotions – USA)
  • Donna Dorsa (Poker Site Promotions – USA)
  • Corey Bruhn a.k.a. Smackdog (Poker Site Promotions – USA)
  • Niko de Jonge (Poker Strategies – Canada)
  • Daneil Merrit (Poker Strategies – USA)
  • Alex Graves (Poker Strategies – UK)
  • Todd (Poker News – USA)
  • Scott Brown (Blogger – UK)


Affiliate marketing and affiliates might sound like abracadabra to you, but it isn’t hard to understand what it is and in fact become an affiliate.

An affiliate is someone that has signed-up for an affiliate program for promoting that program’s products. You can be a retail affiliate and sell real products in your webshop, shipped to buyers by a companies such as Amazon or Zappos, but you can also be a gaming affiliate and promoting online services such as poker sites and gambling sites. In both cases you’ll earn yourself a commission without any other things to worry about.

So if you are thinking of getting involved in the multi million dollar affiliate industry? Then this section of OnlinePokerSitesUS.com is what you’ve been looking for.

Poker affiliate marketing

Being a poker affiliate can earn you a nice side income, and if you’re willing to put in the effort you can at some point quit your daily job and become a professional affiliate.

Don’t underestimate it though, as the affiliate market is overwhelmed, and it’s competition on the battlefield is very tough. Being a successful affiliate marketeer means that you have to be on it every day. It takes a lot of research, and many people believe that it’s only possible if you partner up with someone. I disagree with that, but I definitely agree on the fact that you’ll only be successful if you get in there in full effect.

Do you qualify to become a poker affiliate?

OnlinePokerSitesUS.com is willing to help interested readers who are willing to sign up as a sub-affiliate. Sub affiliates will have access to everything an affiliate has, without any restrictions. Basically, only the referring affiliate will receive some extra revenue, and in return we’ll be happy offering you free advice. Most of the affiliate programs who offer sub-affiliating, have a multi-tier set-up. This means you can recruit your own sub-affiliates as well, although that should not be a reason for you to become an affiliate in first place, as it takes some time to make money from it.

OnlinePokerSitesUS.com will not write your content, nor code – or help to build your website. However, we do offer advice:

  • on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
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  • on marketing and promotion
  • and more

Besides advice you can expect us to set you up with the industry most respected affiliate managers so you can benefit from improved deals as well, wether they are higher revenue share percentages or CPA deals.

You can expedt us to simply share our knowledge which we have gathered on our own experience and research. And since we’ve been around since 2006, you’ll understand that we surely know the ins and outs of this industry.


Take some time to go through our affiliate program reviews and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Please be aware that you will have to use the links on the OnlinePokerSitesUS.com website to qualify to become a sub-affiliate of us. This actually might need some guidance.