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We all know that poker can be incredibly fun. However, it’s important to recognize that playing poker for money can have serious consequences. So, play responsibly! On this page, we’ve compiled some tips to help you play mindfully. Use these tips to prevent online poker from becoming problematic.

For some, the allure of poker is seen as a quick and easy way to make money. This mindset can lead to compulsive play. Unfortunately, poker carries the risk of addiction, causing one to lose touch with reality. Though this risk is small, it is worth considering. When addiction occurs, it can be devastating for both the person affected and those around them.

Keep online poker fun

At, we love poker and understand how enjoyable and profitable it can be. However, it’s crucial to remember that even though it’s just a game, real money can be lost. Lack of money can drive someone to do irrational things, including developing a gambling addiction.

A gambling addiction, including compulsive poker playing, is defined as the urge to continue playing despite harmful consequences or the desire to stop. In other words, it’s a serious problem when the fun of the game is far gone and you can’t quit.

If you play poker (online or offline), you should be aware of how to minimize the risk of a gambling addiction. The following tips will help you with this.

Only play with money you can afford to lose

This may sound strange coming from a poker site, but remember we are experienced. We’ve spent years studying poker strategies and learning to calculate odds and variances in the game. This expertise has brought us to our current level.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can only enjoy poker if you’re an expert player. When played in moderation and seen as entertainment, poker can be a great pastime. Earning a bit of pocket money is a nice bonus.

Whether you play online at one or multiple tables simultaneously, or with friends around the kitchen table, play responsibly. Always remember it’s just a game, and you’ll truly enjoy it. A nice side effect is that you’ll sleep much better at night.

Don’t play when you’re not happy or feel depressed

Desperate Poker Player

Playing poker in a bad mood or when feeling depressed is a bad idea. When you’re not cheerful, your decisions may be affected, leading to more losses. Losing more hands won’t improve your mood.

If you often deal with depression, playing poker for money might not be the best idea. When things don’t go well, it can trigger depressive feelings. You don’t want this, even if you start a session in a good mood.

Research shows a link between depression and addiction, which includes poker addiction. Unfortunately, statistically, one in five addicts attempts suicide. Therefore, recognizing the signs of poker addiction is crucial. This statistic has led us to address this topic on in various ways.

Stop poker permanently if it negatively affects your life

If playing poker for money replaces things you truly value in life, it’s better to quit. In this case, it may be wise to stop permanently.

Many who struggle with gambling addiction go to extremes. They do things they wouldn’t consider when in their right mind, such as stealing, lying, and cheating. Marriages and relationships suffer, and children may experience emotional harm and distrust you.

Be wise and play responsibly! Money is never worth this risk.

We know how fun online poker can be, but we believe it’s important to highlight the dangers. You should play responsibly. Play responsibly, and it will remain enjoyable for everyone involved.

Seek help if you think you are addicted

If you recognize symptoms of poker addiction in yourself, take action. Depending on the severity of your problem, you can choose to temporarily block your access.

For serious problems, we advise seeking help. Below are some reliable organizations that specialize in helping people with gambling addictions.

National Council on Problem Gambling

United States

Tel: 1800-GAMBLER

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health


Tel: 1800 4632 338

Gamblers Anonymous


Tel: Telephone numbers provided for all countries


United Kingdom

Tel: 0808-8020 133

Gambling Help Online


Tel: 1800-8588 58

The phone numbers listed can be used to anonymously share your story. Visiting their websites will provide you with other contact options. Our advice is simple: play responsibly, or don’t play at all!