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When it comes to massive poker events and tournaments, it is hard to get bigger and better than the World Poker Tour. The WPT draws huge interest from poker fans from all around the world, but poker players are no longer content to sit on the side-lines and view the WPT from afar. There is a desire to get inside the WPT, see how it works and get up close with the biggest names in the game.

Whether it is the bracelet winners that battle adversity and each other to triumph or the Royal Flush girls who bring an added touch of glamour to an already gleaming industry, it is easy to see why so many people want to get up close and personal with the WPT. There is only one way to do this and it is through Club WPT.

Basic membership

If you become a Club WPT member, not only do you get full access to the WPT, you get bonus gifts like magazines, ringtones, wallpapers and discounts for that Las Vegas trip you’ve always promised yourself. Not only that, but even the most basic of memberships, which is completely FREE, will get you:

  • Daily freeroll tournaments,
  • Texas Hold ‘Em Poker introduction with Amanda Leatherman guiding you through the games,
  • Poker odds calculator,
  • Hand rankings and poker glossary,
  • Strategy tips and poker advice from some of the biggest names in the industry and much more.

Life is better when you are a VIP

This alone should be enough to encourage you into the world of Club WPT, but it is the VIP membership that really brings the benefits home to a poker fan. If you become an exclusive Club WPT VIP member, which costs no more than $19.95 per month, you can expect the following benefits:

  • All of the basic membership benefits,
  • Unlimited tournament play at no additional cost above your subscription package,
  • The chance to play for seats at WPT events,
  • The chance to play for over $100,000 every month in sweepstakes and prizes,
  • Full commercial free access to ALL WPT episodes (excluding the current season),
  • Full Access to Bluff Magazine,
  • Discounts on a wide range of Club WPT products,
  • Access to a great range of digital downloads and a whole lot more.

The benefits of grabbing the Club WPT VIP membership are abundant, but we may be getting a little ahead of ourselves. No one needs convincing of how big a name the WPT is, but can the poker site and club it runs live up to the hope and expectation of millions of poker fans around the world?

The short answer is yes. It is important to be aware of the fact that Club WPT is a 100% legal online poker site and this is true for all players in the United States. After the Black Friday situation, poker players have lost out on so many gaming opportunities, but the Club WPT poker experience puts players back at the front of the gaming experience, allowing them to play with players from all over the world with big prizes at stake. Picking up tournament points is your key to earning large cash prizes and even grabbing the chance to take part in WPT and WSOP events or even earn yourself a place at the World Poker Tour Boot Camp tournaments.

Play online with players from around the world

With 36 eligible states or territories in the United States and eligibility in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Holland, France and Australia, poker players from all over the world can finally get together again and have fun online.

The Club WPT poker software

Having the ability to allow players from around the world play each other is one thing, but will the players want to join up for the Club WPT experience? The benefits and bonuses of doing so have already been outlined, but if the poker games are not enjoyable, no amount of benefits and bonuses will see a player sign up for a site. This is why Club WPT is proud to offer free software downloads for players which will have them accessing their games in no time at all.

Having the software installed on the computer allows players to benefit from better graphics, a wider range of games, faster moving gameplay and perhaps most importantly of all, improve security. Staying safe online can never be emphasised too much and it is great to see Club WPT putting so much attention into keeping its players safe from any harm when playing online.

Download requirements for Windows based computers

  • Operating System:Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Processor:200MHz+ Pentium CPU, 32MB+ of free RAM
  • Free HD Space:At least 20MB of free disk space
  • Other:Flash 8 or higher must be installed

Find the tournaments you want to play

There are a number of different tournaments to choose from, including:

  • Freeroll tournaments
  • Cash tournaments
  • Prize tournaments
  • Elimination Blackjack tournaments

The freeroll tournaments are open to everyone and the two main options are the $10 Poker Open and the $10 Elimination Blackjack Open. With the top prizes in these tournaments being limited to $10, they aren’t going to make you rich, but if you enjoy the cut and thrust of taking on your fellow poker players and triumphing, these tournaments are excellent ways to have fun.

There are a number of cash tournaments available to choose from on the Club WPT site with prizes, including:

  • Daily $10, $20 and $50 poker tournaments
  • $100 cash tournaments
  • $100 Late Night tournament
  • $100 Nooner
  • $200 cash tournaments
  • $500 cash tournaments
  • $1,000 cash tournaments
  • $10,000 guaranteed tournaments

These are the games which are likely to be the biggest draw to keen poker players on the Club WPT site because having the chance to win cash at the end of a tough tournament is one of the best ways to motivate yourself. Some players able to deliver their best poker when playing for fun, but there are many poker players who need to have the bit between their teeth to play to their highest level. If you are a poker player that thrives on the big occasion, money can make all the difference when it comes to having a great time.

However, money is not the only incentive for poker players and a large proportion of poker players on the Club WPT site play for the chance to grab some of the big non-cash prizes. These prizes include:

  • Leader Board event where you can be declared King or Queen of Club WPT
  • WPT Boot Camp
  • TimeOut Watch Tournament
  • WPT Legends Event Seat

World Poker Tour satellites

Even though playing online is a very enjoyable process for many poker players, the real dream for many players is the chance to be part of the biggest poker events in the world. The WPT and WSOP have transformed the poker industry, making it a multi-million industry with top players being known and adored all over the world. We live in an era when sports stars are amongst the biggest stars in the world and poker stars can rightly claim to be amongst the most famous of stars. The stars that are fortunate enough to pick up a bracelet quickly find themselves in the upper echelons of the poker world and stake a claim for the Poker Hall of Fame.

Take your seat to meet the World Poker Tour legends

Being able to take your seat at these events where you can play for the biggest prizes in poker is a massive draw for many players. Having the chance to win a seat at the WPT Legends Event is a big attraction for many poker fans and who can blame them There is a once in a lifetime chance to play for 1 million dollars when you take part in this tournament. The winner picks up 5 nights’ accommodation and travel to and from Los Angeles in California. Getting the chance to travel to Los Angeles is a good enough prize for most players, but when you throw in the chance to mingle with some of the biggest names in poker and then play for a million dollars, this is a prize that will stand the test of time.

Win a TAG Heuer TimeOut watch at Club WPT

Another tournament that offers a prize that will stand the test of time is the TimeOut Watch Tournament where there is a TAG Heuer Watch up for grabs every single weekend! You can buy directly into this tournament for 1,000 tps or you can battle your way through the daily qualification satellites.

WPT Boot Camp

One of the other prizes that can be won is a 2 day trip to the WPT Boot Camp. If you feel as though you could hone your skills, gaining access to this camp will give you a perfect opportunity to hear from experts and professionals who are happy to offer their opinion and expertise on how to improve your game. No matter what level you are at, novice or advanced player, you can always benefit from having high-quality training and this is what the WPT Boot Camp offers.

Club WPT also offers Elimination Blackjack tournaments

Of course, there may be a time when you look to take a break from playing poker and if this is the case, Blackjack is a great choice. There is no need to log off from the Club WPT site because there are the Elimination Blackjack tournament events to take part in. These are provided to players in multi-table events and sit & go games.

Play Poker with your friends

One of the best things about poker is that it is a very sociable activity that allows people to get together and have fun. Some people think that the emergence of online poker playing has helped to minimise the social nature of poker, but there is still a chance for friends to get together and enjoy poker together. It has to be said that other demands may make it difficult for friends to get together on a regular basis so having the chance to play the same poker games with your friends while you all sit in your own home has to be considered a great thing.

Club WPT definitely agrees with the social nature of poker and there is a “refer a friend” promotion on the site. The fact that you and your friends can play the same games is a great boon, but when you refer a friend and they sign up to the VIP level membership, you will get a $20 gas card. Given the price of gas these days, this is going to be a great boon so why not have some fun and give yourself a boost by getting your friends involved in the online poker fun.

Security, Integrity and Fairness

As much as it is important to have fun on a poker site, there is a need to ensure that players are well looked after too. There is a need for security to ensure that the player’s details and finances are kept safe and this is where the Club WPT provides one final reason for players to sign up with them.

The site provides a list of certification with regards their SSL encryption and their commitment to fair play. A poker site is only as good as the games they provide and it is important for players to know that their chosen site provides a fair playing field. The Club WPT site provides plenty of security and safety for their players, which makes it a natural choice.

Club WPT Customer Support

Hopefully no problems will arise for a player when using the Club WPT site, but if it does, there are plenty of opportunities for players to contact the site. There is a live chat facility for players to contact the site at short notice, but there are also email communication channels available. The site also provides an extensive FAQ section and it may be that any problems you have, the answer may be available on site.

There are so many poker sites to choose from online it can be difficult for some players to find the site that is right for them. However, the benefits that the Club WPT site provides makes this a strong favourite and no other site gets you closer to the big stars and the big poker action!