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George | 28 January 2019

Looking back at 2018, online poker in the U.S. finally started to grow considerably again after the challenges the discipline has faced in the past decade and a half. Throughout the year, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGBC) handed out several online poker applications across the state to established land-based casinos such as Mount Airy, […]

George | 11 November 2018

There aren’t many second chances in life, especially when it comes to gaming. Pick the wrong lottery numbers, or back the wrong team in the local derby, and you’re out of the game, with no way back and no hope of winning. All you can do is sit back and watch the other players win. […]

George | 28 September 2018

There is a common belief amongst professional gamblers that the best strategy when it comes to winning at the game of roulette is not to play. However, that didn’t stop a group of chaos theorist scientists from trying to beat it anyway as back in 2012, the American Institute of Physics’ published a journal, called […]

George | 28 September 2018

In a move to ensure more gambling profits would stay in the state, Oklahoma lawmakers have finally allowed traditional dice and ball games back into casinos since they were made illegal in 2004. Since the law came into place earlier this year, casinos across Oklahoma have been expanding their offering to include roulette and craps, […]

George | 11 July 2018

Imagine that you walked into a casino, dropped a quarter into the first slot machine you saw and hit the $100 jackpot! Would this outcome change your gambling behavior for the rest of the evening? This was a theoretical question posed by the Nobel-award-winning academic and economist Richard Thaler when he researched what would become […]

George | 23 May 2018

There comes a time when playing Texas Hold’em regularly with your pals that you might want to play something a little different to spice up your home games. If you’ve already mastered the tells and habits of your friends at Texas Hold’em, you might seek a different challenge by playing a different, more innovative game. […]

George | 28 January 2018

Anyone who’s a serious fan of playing poker online is going to be keeping an eye on the World Series to see how the competition is playing. It’s an arena where the biggest names in poker come from all over the world to square off to see who’s going to walk away with a bracelet […]

George | 18 January 2018

Think of a deck of playing cards. It’s almost certain that what you pictured was a deck of 52 cards, with spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds. While this is by far and away the most common deck, the one you’ll have a pack of in your kitchen and online at places like You might […]

George | 17 August 2015

Amidst all of the latest and breaking poker news, you may have missed the fact that Ukash has been acquired by Paysafecard. This doesn’t have to mean too much to online poker players but it is something that all UK poker players should be aware of. One of the most important aspects of the switch […]

George | 8 May 2014

There is no doubt that plenty of people in the UK and Europe were heartened to see positive changes in the US casino and gaming market. While there may not have been a massive impact on players over here, anything which helps to strengthen the online casino and gaming community has to be seen as […]