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Since 2006, has thrived as the fourth largest free poker site. At its peak, it attracted thousands of daily visitors with special offers and freerolls. Members of the notorious Poker Club enjoyed fantastic deals.

Unfortunately, much has changed since then. However, free poker is still available, and this page displays no deposit offers. We help you play free poker using free money, bankrolls, and instant bonuses.

  • Free poker money
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Instant cash offers

Carefully review the offers below and choose the best one for you. Check this page regularly for new deals. Enjoy multiple offers for even more benefits.

Types of free poker money offers

Every free offer has a purpose. When a site provides free money, they aim to earn it back. With numerous sign-ups, they’ll succeed. Use the free poker money wisely and grow it. Eventually, you can cash out without making a deposit.

Instant cash or a no deposit bonus

Sign up for a poker site and receive a sum of money called an instant cash offer. Meet requirements like being a first-time user and at least 18 years old. Typically, you can access instant cash offers’ benefits right after registration.

Play free poker with a deposit bonus

For a deposit bonus, you need to make a deposit. After depositing, you may receive a substantial poker bonus for immediate use. In some cases, play a specific number of hands before the bonus appears in your bankroll. Deposit requirements vary but are usually low, like ten dollars.

Club WPT offers a free trial membership

Club WPT is a membership-based poker club. It’s the sole legal free poker room for US players, unlike common online sites. The renowned World Poker Tour brand backs Club WPT, alleviating trustworthiness concerns.


  • Two-week free trial (no obligations)
  • Participation in daily Club WPT freerolls
  • Legal status due to non-gambling nature, even in the United States
  • You can access WPT TV reports
  • Several poker tutorial videos and advanced strategy segments are available


  • Unavailable for players in various (western) European countries
  • Inaccessible for US players from Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Washington

Start playing free poker at Club WPT

Visit Club WPT Bonus Code for detailed reviews and guides on Club WPT, an exclusive offer for US players. Take this step towards playing free poker!

More about playing free online poker

A free bonus boosts your poker bankroll. Many online poker sites offer this to attract new players and increase table action. Before betting your free money, consider these tips to avoid losing it.

Free money for all, but who is the real winner?

When a site runs a promotion, many players join with free money, making the action resemble play money tables. Play tight, solid poker to avoid losing money to reckless players. Consult our pre-flop action chart for guidance.

Game selection is crucial, as weak players often use free money. If the bonus is $ 10 or $ 20, playing a Sit and Go (SNG) might be better. Your $ 10 bankroll won’t disappear quickly at a .25/.50 No Limit Hold’em table. Instead, buy into four $ 2 SNG games and follow our multi-table Sit and Go strategy guide.

Cash-out requirements

Before using free poker money, understand the site’s cash-out requirements. You may need to play a certain number of real money hands before cashing out. Minimum cash-out amounts, like $ 50, often apply. Master bankroll building to effectively spend your winnings.

Closing thoughts about free online poker

Don’t treat free money as a gift or lottery ticket. With proper play, it’s a risk-free chance to start a bankroll at a new site. Use basic poker strategy and careful game selection. Observe cash game table buy-ins; if most players have a $10 buy-in, they might use free money.

Joining these players depends on your skill level. Alternatively, consider playing a few Sit and Gos. Good luck wherever you spend your free bonus!