Although there are many well-known names in the poker industry, the term World Poker Tour is known and respected all over the world. The organisation has managed to create an image and brand that encapsulates physical land-based tournaments, TV shows and mobile and internet gaming opportunities. The breadth and depth of the innovation show by World Poker Tour has enabled them to be one of the first organisations that people think of when they consider poker, making the brand one of the most powerful in the industry.

The tour is well known for its Texas Hold’em games and although tournaments and meets take place all over the world, the majority of events are held in the United States of America. However, the tour as a genuine fan base all around the world with people tuning into the TV presentations and watching online to keep up to date with the event. With each season ending in a grand finale with the WPT World Championship, there is a focal point for poker players and fans to get excited about. The WPT Poker season begins and ends in May, giving players and fans the full 12 months of poker action to enjoy and participate in.

The WPT has come a long way since 2002

The World Poker Tour was set up in 2002 and since then has gone on to become one of the biggest draws in poker tournament play. The 2010/11 season, the 9thseason of the World Poker Tour, has been as intriguing and exciting as any previous season on the World Poker Tour.

One of the biggest factors in the success of the World Poker Tour is that anyone could win it and ordinary Joe’s are able to mix it with the very best professional poker players. Anyone who is able to pay the buy-in amount or manages to win one of the many satellite events that are run on poker sites can take their seat at a major event. The opportunity to test your skills and mettle against the best players is something that everyone dreams of and a good placing at these events can have such a huge impact on a person’s finances.

Why don’t you get involved?

With the majority of the world’s professional players being involved on the tour, the interest that surrounds the events and games is no surprise.After all, there are many satellite events where all players can play for the chance to gain entry to some of the biggest World Poker Tour events. With the right hand, a dash of luck and a positive attitude, your skill and talent could take you a long way, perhaps all the way. Poker is a fun game and is a great way to spend time with friends but it could also lead to a lot more.

No matter your reasons for playing poker, all players should be able to enjoy it and have a great time. Whether you play free poker to unwind or you have genuine dreams of reaching the top, but found out that you don’t exactly have what it takes to clear a bonus, any help along the way is greatly appreciated and using a Club WPT Poker bonus code can be a great way to get started. The World Poker Tour is one of the biggest names in the world of poker and if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!

The bracelet is what many players are after

Another major point of interest for World Poker Tour players is the bracelet that is awarded to winners. This practice started in 2008 although players who would have been eligible for a bracelet prior to 2008 were awarded them retroactively. The WPT bracelet is highly sought after and it helps to reinforce that poker is not just about the money. There are big cash prizes at stake for poker players but sometimes the thrill of victory and defeating other players is important as well. A player has to really earn a WPT bracelet and with only the best of the best picking up a bracelet, they remain a major prize for any poker player to pick up.

If you know your history

Playing poker is one thing but many players want to become immersed in the game in order to understand it better and to gain more enjoyment. There is a saying that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it and there is a lot of history involved with the World Poker Tour.

Poker is about winners and losers and knowing the stories of the people who have been crowned winners and losers can give people a chance to emulate or avoid these accomplishments. Having an awareness of the history of the World Poker Tour is a great way to get more enjoyment from poker and may even provide an edge at the table.

After all, knowing the playing styles and techniques of the legends will be no bad thing. Some of the greatest poker players in the world have been successful on the World Poker Tour and names like Carlos Mortensen, Daniel Negreanu, Tuan Lee, Michael Mizrachi and Guy Hansen are known all over the world for their poker playing style and skill.

Knowing the history of these players can inspire you to reach new heights in your poker playing style and who knows, perhaps you too could emulate them one day? Every poker player has to start somewhere and playing with a Club WPT Poker bonus code is a great way to get started.

Big winnings are available on the WPT

To date, season V of the World Poker Tour provided the biggest prize pool for any poker tournament not including the WSOP Main Events. The biggest winner of that campaign was Carlos Mortensen who picked up $3,970,415 in prize winnings over the course of the season. This is a sensational amount of money to win in one season and the prize pool for the WPT season is a huge incentive for any player to participate.

WPT Ladies means that everyone can enjoy the poker fun

In 2008, the World Poker Tour announced a spin-off event called the WPT Ladies tournament, giving female poker players the opportunity to compete against each other and be rewarded for their poker skills. Some players may automatically think of poker as being a male dominated sport and certainly that is a traditional view but there is nothing to say that females cannot participate and compete with anyone else. The emergence of online poker play has made it so much easier for people to develop skills and have a real interest in poker, so it is inevitable that women will be as interested in poker as the men.

With so many poker brands competing online and in physical events, it is hard for any organisation or company to stand out from the crowd. The fact that the WPT has managed to create a well-defined niche for itself, both online and in the physical world, says a lot about the desire to see poker and the rewards that are available for players.

Read the review of the Club WPT poker site

TheClub WPT Poker reviewwill give you a great overview of the site, the software and all the little things that come together to make it such a great site. No two poker players are the same which means there are many things which appeal to poker players and sites have to cater for as many people as possible. This could be in the number of games they provide, the level of interaction between players or even how the site provides support for its players.

All of these issues are extremely important when trying to work out which poker site is the right one for you and the Club WPT Poker review will highlight the key issues of the poker site.

Of course, there are always going to be some issues that will be more important than others and let’s face it, a good poker site has to offer good poker games.

Do you have to get the download to play poker?

One of the first things that people enquire about when considering the games that poker sites have is whether the games are available to play instantly or whether there needs to be software downloaded to play the games.

This isn’t an issue for many poker players but for some, it is a make or break decision. Before you go rushing to use yourClub WPT Poker bonus code, it is important to know the site allows you to play in the manner that you want to play. This section of the site gives you the lowdown on how you can play all of the great poker games at Club WPT Poker.