WPT Satellites

A satellite can be a fairly useful thing but for poker fans, it provides a gateway to a new world. And this is not through the ability to watch more poker events on foreign TV channels; it is to do with the ability to play your way into one of the major poker events of the world. When it comes to work poker events, the World Poker Tour obviously stands out and it is possible to play your way into contention at aWorld Poker Tourevent by qualifying through the satellite route.

As you know, there are many online poker sites to choose from but some players will base their decision on what site to use depending on what satellites they offer. There are some sites which have an affiliation or link to certain events and they will regularly host satellite tournaments which allow players to play for the opportunity of gaining a seat at a major event. This is where yourWorld Poker Tour bonus codecan have a great impact as this is a site where you can gain access to some of the hottest events on the World Poker Tour circuit.

What a way to get to a major event

Each event and site can have their own rules on how they run satellite tournaments but they all provide a great way to get to an event. Some of the satellite tournaments can be entered for free but there will be a requirement to play a lot of poker before you get to the final stage to book your chance at a big event.

Even if the satellite event requires a buy-in fee, it will be for a much smaller price than the buy-in for the actual event. For instance, a $100 buy-in for a satellite event may sound like a lot of money but if the actual buy-in for the WPT event is $1,000, it is easy to see the scope for making a great saving. Add in the fact that many satellite winners are rewarded with travel, accommodation and even spending money for their trip and it becomes obvious that playing your way to poker success with satellite tournaments is a great way to get involved at a major event.

Can you be the next rags to riches story?

There are some rags to riches stories of satellite players making their way all through a tournament with the most famous story of all being Chris Moneymaker who turned his initial $40 buy-in into the $2.5m first prize. That is not the sort of story that happens every day but it does allow people to dream of what could happen and given that the buy-in price for these satellite events is reasonable, many players are willing to take a chance. After all, successful poker can rely on making the most of your bankroll and taking this chance is not something that seems too stretching for many poker players.

When it comes to WPT events, there are a number of great satellites that players can take a chance on winning. The WPT has added a more European flavour to its calendar in recent seasons and even the tail end of the 9thseason features some big European dates. Vienna and Bratislava are two stunning cities to visit but for poker fans, the only attraction they will want to see will be the final table at these two events. The WPT Vienna and WPT Bratislava events are eagerly anticipated and players that have won through to these events by playing through a satellite event have had even more reason to celebrate. Not only have they triumphed over a number of other poker players, they have the chance to face off against some of the biggest names in world poker. It is not always about the money and having the chance to pit poker skills against the best in the business is something that most people dream of.

Being given the buy-in opportunity, accommodation, travel and spending money to make the most of your time in these wonderful cities means that there is so much to gain from entering satellite tournaments that it is a surprise that more people do not enter them. Yes, they are hotly contested but with the right conditions and attitude, every player could say they are in the frame to win the prize. There is also the added bonus that these satellite events will often send more than one lucky winner to the tournament, providing a greater incentive to play the satellite events.