WPT X Is The One To Watch

If you care aboutPoker TV, please pay attention. A new season always brings anticipation, hope and excitement and this is as true for poker fans as it is for lovers of any other sport. There is something special about the start of a new campaign and hopes are high that WPT X is going to be a thrilling season. Most poker players and fans agree that WPT IX had plenty of great moments and this may be behind the thinking to increase the TV schedule for the new season. Yes, if you like watching poker on your big screen or even on your PC or laptop, WPT X is going to make sure you never miss a beat.

Can you see WPT X?

Sunday the 12thof February is the start of the new TV showings of theWorld Poker Tourand if you are in the US, Fox Sports Net or any of its affiliated networks will be airing shows at 8pm and 11pm. That is great information for poker players in the US, who could do with any amount of good news relating to poker, but it also acts as a heads up to poker players around the world. The popularity of poker in recent years has seen TV schedulers rush to pick up the WPT and if you have seen it on your screens before, it is likely that you will see it again. If you have an interest in poker, make sure you have a look around your listings or if in doubt, head online where you will be able to catch a lot of the action.

Even though many poker players interest in the game revolves around playing the game, watching can be of benefit as well. Firstly, if you have an interest in poker, it is always good to see the big name players that are grabbing the attention and to learn about the latest goings-on in the world of poker. However, most poker players will admit to needing a helping hand to boost their skills or knowledge of the game and this is where watching the top poker players can really make a difference.

If you have been honing your poker skills, watching other players and the decisions they make can help you to determine your style of play. However, if you do not know the skill level of other players, this can be a hit and miss approach to learning what you should do in certain situations. This is not an issue when you are watching star names of the WPT playing off against each other and you should watch the hands and games closely to pick up an insight into the way that these professional poker stars play. There are so many variables in a game of poker that you can’t always play the same way but learning about the different approaches to the game can hopefully help you make a more informed decision when the time comes along.

Get to know poker a little better

Improving your skills is a big reason for watching the WPT X shows but there are many more reasons than that. There will be insight into the tournaments, in-depth interviews with the main players and summaries and analysis of some of the games. If you are enthralled by the glamorous world of poker, the WPT X series of shows will put you firmly at the top table when it comes to seeing everything that professional poker can offer. With seasoned TV presenters and the Royal Flush girls, you will be in safe hands when you want to make the most of your television viewing time.

It may seem like a long way away until the WPT World Championship in the Bellagio, Las Vegas at the end of May but this is the start of that campaign. There is a lot of poker to be played and if you can’t get yourself along to one of these events, or even if you can, the best place to watch all the action unfold is in front of your TV set or computer.