Poker Glossary

Poker terms beginning with a "L"


In tournament poker, moving up the payout structure by surviving longer than other players.

Late Position

The cutoff and the button are both in late position. An immensely important strategic advantage that is often overlooked by beginners. Position is a crucial aspect of any poker strategy. Also see cutoff.


The act of folding a strong hand when you believe you are beat.


A player's weakness is often referred to as their leak.


The stage of a poker tournament defined by the size of the blinds or antes. Levels usually increase at regular intervals.

Limit Poker

Unlike No-Limit poker games, bets and raises are precisely defined. See also Fixed-Limit for more details.


A limp is another word for a call and is typically used in pre-flop situations, less so after the flop. It's often interpreted as a sign of a weak hand.


Either just a call or a very small raise pre-flop, hoping to entice opponents to raise, which in turn will end up in another raise by the initial player. See also check-raise.


The first player to make a call.

Live Card

In Stud games, a card that has not yet been seen or folded, making it potentially useful for a player's hand.

Live Game

Another term for cash game.

Limp In

To enter a pot by calling rather than raising, typically before the flop in Texas Hold'em.

Long Handed

A poker game with at least seven players at the table is sometimes called long handed, but more commonly referred to as full ring. Also see full ring.

Loose Cannon

A player who is unpredictable and often makes erratic or reckless bets and raises. Also see loose player. Also see loose player on this page.

Loose Player

A player type that tends to play too many of their hands. Usually, a loose player falls victim to players with some experience. See also loose game on this page.

Lotto Player

A player who continues to bet on their hand against all odds, simply hoping for a miracle on the turn or river.


Unlike high-limit games, people play here for low-stakes.


A poker variant where the player with the worst hand wins. A well-known Lowball poker game is the Seven Card Stud variant Razz.


Abbreviation for late position.

Loose Aggressive (LAG)

A playing style characterized by playing many hands and frequently betting and raising.

Loose Call

Calling a bet with a marginal or weak hand, often done by loose players.

Loose Game

Describes a poker game with many loose players. You don't have to be a real shark to make a profit at such a table; usually, having a good understanding of the poker game and some experience, is enough.

Loose Passive (LP)

A playing style characterized by playing many hands but rarely betting or raising, often calling instead.

Low Pair

A pair made with one of the lowest rank cards on the board.

Low End

The lowest possible straight or other hand combination. For example, in a 5 of Any Color to 9 of Any Color straight, the low end would be 5 of Any Color 6 of Any Color 7 of Any Color 8 of Any Color 9 of Any Color.


Luckbox is a derogatory term for a player who wins frequently due to luck rather than skill.

Luck Factor

The extent to which luck influences the outcome of a game or hand.