Poker Glossary

Poker terms beginning with a "G"

Game Theory Optimal (GTO)

A strategy in poker where a player makes decisions that cannot be exploited by opponents over the long term. GTO play is balanced and considers the optimal frequency of bluffs and value bets. Also see bluff and value bet.

Gap Concept

A poker strategy concept which states that you need a stronger hand to call a raise than to make a raise yourself, due to the likelihood that the raiser has a strong hand.


A term referring to starting hands that have one or more gaps between their ranks, such as 6 of Any Color 8 of Any Color (one-gapper) or 6 of Any Color 9 of Any Color (two-gapper).


When one player receives advice from another player not at the table, often through electronic communication, considered unethical and against the rules in most poker settings.


A weak hand or a hand that is not likely to win.

Going South

A frowned-upon practice where a player removes chips from the table during a cash game, thereby decreasing their stack size.


The act of playing poker for long periods, often with the goal of steadily building a bankroll.


Typically, a grinder is a somewhat experienced poker player often found at the lower and mid-stakes tables, who is grinding hard and playing a solid game to consistently win. They build their bankroll very slowly but steadily.


Abbreviation for guaranteed, often used in the context of tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool.

Guaranteed Tournament

A tournament that promises a minimum prize pool regardless of the number of entries.


A specific type of straight draw where a card is missing in the middle. For example, if you have 4 of Any Color 5 of Any Color 7 of Any Color 8 of Any Color, you have a gutshot because a 6 of Any Color would complete your straight. Also known as gutshot straight.