Poker Glossary

Poker terms beginning with a "E"

Early Position

Small blind, big blind, and players under the gun are in early position. They are the first to act or must act. Early position is considered a clear strategic disadvantage. All good poker strategies take position at the table into account. Also see under the gun.

Early Exit

Being eliminated from a tournament early, often before reaching the money or advancing significantly.


Abbreviation for European Championship of Online Poker, an online poker tournament series.

Eight or Better

A qualifier used in split-pot games like Omaha Hi-Lo and Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, indicating that a low hand must be eight-high or lower to qualify for half of the pot.

End Bet

A bet made on the river, the final round of betting.

Entry Fee

The fee paid to enter a tournament, separate from the buy-in, which goes to the organizer rather than the prize pool.

Entry List

The list of participants registered for a poker tournament.

Effective Stack

The smallest stack size between two players involved in a hand, determining the maximum amount that can be won or lost.


Abbreviation for early position, the early position to take action. Also see early position on this page.


EPT is the abbreviation for European Poker Tour, a major poker event held in various brick and mortar casinos around the world. There are also online poker tournaments as part of the EPT event.


Equity is the portion of the pot that belongs to a player based on their current hand's chance of winning.

Equity Realization

The percentage of a player's equity that they can expect to realize in a given hand, considering factors like position and opponent tendencies.

Expected Range

The range of hands that a player is likely to hold in a given situation, based on their actions and betting patterns.

Expected ROI

Expected return on investment (ROI) is the anticipated profit or loss percentage on the buy-in amount over the long term.

Expected Value (EV)

Expected value (EV) is the anticipated value of a bet or decision over the long term, used to gauge the profitability of actions in poker. It is a calculation used to determine the average amount a player expects to win or lose from a particular decision in the long run.

Exposed Card

A card that is accidentally shown to players when it should remain hidden.