Poker Glossary

Poker terms beginning with a "R"

Rabbit Hunt

To deal the remaining community cards after a hand has ended, typically to see what would have happened if the hand had continued.


A flop that is uncoordinated and unlikely to help any player, such as 2 of Any Color 7 of Any Color Jack of Any Color of different suits.


Originally the edge of a poker table, high enough to protect players' pocket cards from overly observant eyes behind them. Nowadays, the term rail is often used for the barrier behind which the audience must remain. See also railbird.


Railbird is the term used for people not involved in the poker game and watching from the outside. Usually, these individuals are placed behind the rail, hence the name railbirds.


The act of watching a poker game from the rail, often with the intent to observe and learn.


When the board doesn't allow for a flush, the community cards are called a rainbow.


When a player has placed a bet and another player wants to wager more chips rather than just calling, they can make a raise.


A percentage of the rake that is returned to a player as an incentive or reward, often used in online poker to attract and retain players.


The spectrum of possible hands that a player might have based on their actions.


In online cash games, there is usually a rake per hand played. It is deducted from each pot and is typically a small percentage of it. It is also common to have a maximum rake, usually an amount from $3 to $5.


A less known variant of Seven Card Stud where the worst hand wins.


A draw to a better hand even after hitting a draw. For example, if you make a straight on the turn but still have a chance to draw to a flush on the river.


To buy back into a tournament after being eliminated, similar to a rebuy but typically allowed only during a specific re-entry period.


If there has been a raise in a betting round and another player raises again, this is called a re-raise.


Many tournaments offer you the option for a rebuy if you lose all your chips in the first hour. This allows you to buy back your chips. The rebuy goes directly into the pot.

Rebuy Tournament

A tournament that allows players to rebuy chips after losing their initial stack during a specific period, usually the first hour.


To participate in a tournament, you must register beforehand. Sometimes, registration for online tournaments begins at least an hour before the actual tournament, often much earlier.


Abbreviation for regular tournament.

Regular Tournament

A tournament that is neither a restricted tournament nor a qualifier.


To buy more chips in a cash game after losing some or all of your initial stack.

Reload Bonus

Many online poker sites offer you a bonus for making additional deposits (not to be confused with your poker bonus for a first deposit).


Abbreviation for restricted tournament.

Restricted Tournament

Restricted tournaments are tournaments limited to people who meet certain requirements. For example, tournaments only accessible to players from the US or for players who have achieved a certain number of points in the previous month.

Reverse Implied Odds

The potential for a hand to lose more money in future betting rounds than it can win, often used when drawing to a hand that might be second best.

Reverse Tell

A deliberate action intended to mislead opponents, such as pretending to be strong when weak or vice versa.

Ring Game

While in tournaments, you pay your buy-in and then play with the chips you've been given, in ring games, you actually put real money into the pot while playing. You can sit down and leave the table whenever you want. Another term used for this type of poker game is cash game.


The river is the fifth community card. Another, less common term for this is 5th Street.

River Rat

A derogatory term for a player who frequently wins by hitting lucky cards on the river.


A player with a very tight playing style who only plays very strong hands is called a rock.


A rounder is a highly experienced poker player who seeks out high limit games to make a living. Some rounders travel the world for this purpose.

Round of Betting

A complete sequence of betting actions taken by players in a hand, starting from the first bet and ending when all active players have contributed an equal amount to the pot.

Royal Cards

Cards with pictures, i.e., King, Queen, and Jack. Also known as picture cards or face cards.

Royal Flush

The best possible hand in poker. It's a straight flush with ace as the high card. If you ever do get dealt a royal flush, hope for a willing victim with an endless stack of money.

Royal Pair

A pair consisting of two royal cards, such as a pair of King of Any Color King of Any Color or Queen of Any Color Queen of Any Color.


When the turn and/or river improve your hand, these cards are also called runners.


A term used to describe a situation where a player needs two specific cards on the turn and river to complete a hand.

Running Cards

The turn and river cards in Texas Hold'em and Omaha, particularly when they both need to be favorable to complete a draw.

Run it Twice

An agreement between players to deal the remaining community cards twice, with half the pot awarded each time. This is done to reduce variance.