Poker Glossary

Poker terms beginning with a "I"


The perception other players have of a particular player at the table, often based on their playing style and past actions, is called image.

Implied Odds

The potential future winnings from a hand, taking into account not just the current pot but also the expected future bets if the hand improves.

Immediate Odds

The pot odds considering only the current bet and pot size, not taking future bets into account.

In the Dark

Making a bet or raise without looking at your cards, often used as a psychological tactic.

In the Money (ITM)

The stage in a tournament where players are guaranteed to win a prize, having survived the bubble. Also see bubble.

In Position (IP)

Acting after your opponents in a betting round, considered advantageous due to having more information.

Independent Chip Model (ICM)

The independent chip model is a mathematical model used to determine the equity of a player's chip stack in a tournament, taking into account the prize pool distribution and remaining players.

Initial Raise

The first raise in a betting round.

Inside Draw

Another term for a gutshot straight draw, needing one specific card to complete a straight.

Inside Straight

When you complete your gutshot, you have an inside straight. Don't worry, it's worth just as much as any other straight. For example, you have 5 of Spades 6 of Hearts 8 of Clubs 9 of Diamonds, and the next card is a 7 of Any Color.


A side bet or agreement made between players to reduce the financial impact of a bad beat or variance, often used in high-stakes games.

Insurance Bet

A side bet made to hedge against losing a large pot, often seen in cash games with significant stakes. Also see cash games.


When a player has already committed chips to the pot, making them more likely to continue in the hand.


A very quick call, often indicating a player has a strong hand or made a quick decision based on their read of the situation.

Invisible Hand

A strong hand that is not immediately obvious based on the board and betting action.

Isolation Play

A strategy where a player raises to isolate a weaker player, aiming to play the pot heads-up against them.

Isolation Raise

Raising to force one or more opponents out of the pot, usually targeting a specific player who has limped in.

Ivey League

A term sometimes used to refer to the highest levels of poker play, named after renowned poker player Phil Ivey.