Poker Glossary

Poker terms beginning with a "7"

7-2 Offsuit

7-2 offsuit is the worst possible starting hand in poker. This poker hand consists of a seven and a two. Both cards are also of different suits, for example: 7 of Hearts 2 of Spades. This hand is also known as seven deuce.

7-2 Triple Draw

7-2 Triple Draw is a Lowball poker variant where each player is dealt five cards. Players can exchange their cards up to three times to make the lowest possible poker hand. 7-2 is normally the worst hand, but in Lowball, it is the best possible hand.

7-Card Blind Man's Bluff

A variation where players receive seven cards but cannot look at them and must place bets based on the perceived strength of their hand as seen by other players.

7-Card No Peek

A variant of 7-Card Stud where players cannot look at their cards until they have a winning hand or until the showdown, adding an element of surprise and strategy. Also see 7-Card Stud on this page.

7-Card Stud

7-Card Stud is a poker variant where each player receives seven cards, with the first two dealt face-down. The remaining four cards are visible to all players, while the fifth card is dealt face-down on the table.

7-Card Stud Hi-Lo

Another term for 7-Card High-Low, emphasizing the split-pot nature of the game between the highest and lowest hands.

7-Card High-Low

A variation of 7-Card Stud where the pot is split between the highest and lowest hands. This game requires players to form both a high hand and a low hand.

7-Card Razz

A form of 7-Card Stud where the goal is to make the lowest possible hand, with straights and flushes not counting against the low hand.

7-Card Triple Draw

7-Card Triple Draw is a variant where players receive seven cards and have three opportunities to draw and replace cards to make the best possible hand.

7-Deuce Game

A side bet in some poker games where players agree to reward anyone who wins a hand with 7-2 offsuit, acknowledging the difficulty of winning with the worst starting hand.

7-High Straight

A straight in poker where the highest card is a 7 (e.g., 3 of Any Color 4 of Any Color 5 of Any Color 6 of Any Color 7 of Any Color), often referred to as a wheel or bicycle.

7th Street

The 7th street is the seventh and final card dealt in a game of Stud poker.