Poker Glossary

Poker terms beginning with a "V"


A straightforward or standard version of a poker game without any special rules or variations.

Value Bet

A bet that a player places when they are confident they have the best hand, with the sole purpose of increasing the number of chips in the pot. Typically, the value of the bet is large enough to make a difference, but not so large as to deter potential opponents.

Value Proposition

In poker, the concept of making decisions that maximize the expected value or long-term profitability is called value proposition..

Value Raise

A raise made with a strong hand to extract more chips from opponents, expecting to be called by worse hands.

Value Range

The range of hands with which a player is likely to make a value bet, expecting to be ahead of their opponent’s calling range.


The statistical measure of the deviation of outcomes from the expected value. In poker, variance refers to the ups and downs of winning and losing over a period of time.

Variance Swings

The fluctuations in a player's bankroll due to the natural ups and downs of winning and losing hands. Also see bankroll.


A common term used to refer to an opponent in hand analysis or discussions.

Virtual All-In

A situation where a player is so short-stacked that any bet they make would commit them to the pot, effectively making them all-in.

Visible Tells

Physical or behavioral clues that can give away information about a player's hand, observable by other players at the table.

Voluntarily Put Money in Pot (VPIP)

A statistic that measures the percentage of hands in which a player voluntarily invests money in the pot pre-flop, used to gauge a player's level of activity.