Poker Glossary

Poker terms beginning with a "T"

Table Image

The perception that other players at the table have of you, which can influence their decisions and strategies against you. Also see image.

Table Stakes

All poker games are generally played with table stakes, meaning you can only bet a certain number of chips in a given betting round. This is different from those Western movies where there's always a player willing to bet their gold watch or a deed to a gold mine.


Abbreviation for tight-aggressive, a playing style characterized by selective hand play and aggressive betting.


A tell is something that gives away a player's hand. Whether it's coughing, widening their eyes, blinking more than usual, running their fingers through their hair... In online poker, physical tells like these obviously don't exist, but there are plenty of different online tells, such as the way someone bets and raises, their chat reactions, and so forth.

Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em is currently by far the most popular poker variant. Each player receives two cards (face down), known as pocket cards. In the middle of the table are a total of five cards, these are the community cards that each player can use together with their pocket cards to form the best possible five-card hand. The first three community cards are the flop, the fourth card is the turn, and the fifth card is the river. Also see Texas Hold'em rules.

Third Street

In Five Card Stud, third street refers to the third card dealt to a player (this is the second card dealt face-up).


To bet on the flop, turn, and river consecutively, often as a bluff or semi-bluff.


Three-bet refers to the third bet in a betting round, equivalent to the second raise.

Three-Way Pot

A pot contested by three players, often leading to larger and more complex pots.


When a player plays only a few hands and only plays them when they're confident they can win, they're playing tight. Some players consider this an overly cautious playing style, as these players choose to fold hands that might have a good chance of winning. However, a tight player is simply trying to avoid risks and minimize potential losses this way.

Tighten Up

To play more conservatively, usually by folding marginal hands and waiting for stronger ones.


A player goes on tilt when their nerves get the better of them and their rational play goes out the window. Reasons for this are usually a bad beat or a player getting on their nerves. Once a player is on tilt, they usually make poor decisions and quickly lose their chips. You typically see this behavior in novice poker players.

Time Bank

In online poker, an additional amount of time given to a player to make a decision when their regular time runs out.


Refers to the tip given to the dealer (i.e., the actual dealer, not the player with the dealer button) in a cash game, after winning a pot. These tips are usually small amounts, such as $1. In most casinos, these tips will form the main income for dealers. It's also customary for a successful player when leaving the table to tip the dealer again with a larger toke.

Top Pair

A pair that can be formed from your own cards and the highest card on the flop. See also middle pair and bottom pair.

Top Set

A set formed with the highest card on the flop. For example: you have Jack of Spades Jack of Hearts and the flop comes 4 of Spades 8 of Hearts Jack of Clubs.

Tournament Director (TD)

The person responsible for managing the rules and flow of a poker tournament.

Tournament Life

A phrase referring to the state of having enough chips to continue competing in a tournament.

Top Kicker

The highest possible card that can be used to break a tie when players have the same pair or trips. Also see trips on this page.


To play a strong hand deceptively slow in order to lure opponents into betting.


The term trips is often used to describe three cards of the same value (ranging from 222 to AAA). Other terms include triples or three of a kind. E.g., 7 of Spades 7 of Hearts 7 of Clubs.

Triple Up

To triple the amount of chips you have, usually by winning an all-in pot against two other players.

Turbo Tournament

A tournament with shorter levels and faster blinds, leading to quicker play and shorter overall duration.


The turn describes the fourth community card. Another, less commonly used term is fourth street.

Two Pair

It's not surprising that two pair means two pairs.

Three of a Kind

The term three of a kind is often used to describe three cards of the same value (ranging from 222 to AAA). Other terms include triples or trips. For example: 8 of Spades 8 of Hearts 8 of Clubs.

Third Street

In Five Card Stud, third street refers to the third card dealt to each player's hand (the second card dealt face up).


The term triples is often used to describe three cards of the same value (ranging from 222 to AAA). Other terms include trips or three of a kind. For example: 10 of Spades 10 of Hearts 10 of Diamonds.