Poker Glossary

Poker terms beginning with a "M"

Main Event

The most prestigious and often the highest buy-in event in a poker series or tournament schedule is called the main event.


A physical or virtual token used to indicate a player's commitment to a future action, often seen in casino credit or high-stakes games.

Made Hand

A made hand is a hand that is already complete and cannot be improved. For example, having King of Spades King of Hearts as pocket cards, and King of Clubs 5 of Spades King of Diamonds on the flop is a made hand.

Main Pot

When a player with a smaller stack than the remaining players goes all-in, the other players can continue betting against each other. In that case, the pot is divided into a main pot and a side pot. The main pot consists of the chips up to the all-in by the player with the smallest stack, while the side pot consists of the chips used by the remaining players afterward. Also see side pot.

Maximum Buy-in

In cash games, there is usually a minimum buy-in and a maximum buy-in, which regulate how much money you are allowed to bring to the table. Also see minimum buy-in on this page.


A very aggressive player who likes to pressure opponents by raising frequently and often relies on bluffs. A classic maniac is a poor player because they rely too much on irritating other players and trusting their bluffs to work. However, a player who can play as a maniac for a certain time and then change their game is a very dangerous opponent because you can hardly predict their next move.


Another expression for call.

Mental Game

The psychological aspect of poker, including managing emotions, avoiding tilt, and maintaining focus.

Mercy Rule

A rule in some home games where a player who loses all their chips in a very short time can re-enter the game with a fresh stack.

Micro Stakes

Games played with very low stakes, often seen in online poker. Also see our micro stakes poker guide.

Middle Pair

When you can form a pair with one of your pocket cards and the card from the flop that is neither the high nor the low card. For example, if your pocket cards are King of Spades, 8 of Hearts, and the flop comes Queen of Clubs 8 of Diamonds 4 of Spades, you now have 8 of Hearts 8 of Diamonds, the middle pair. Though better than nothing, this can be dangerous for novice poker players as they tend to overplay this hand. Another commonly used expression is second pair. See also bottom pair and top pair.

Middle Position

The middle positions are between the early positions and late positions. At a typical 10-player table, these would be positions six through eight.

Middle Straight

A straight that is not the highest or lowest possible straight. For example, 6 of Any Color 7 of Any Color 8 of Any Color 9 of Any Color 10 of Any Color on a board where 5 of Any Color 6 of Any Color 7 of Any Color 8 of Any Color 9 of Any Color and 7 of Any Color 8 of Any Color 9 of Any Color 10 of Any Color Jack of Any Color are possible.

Minimum Buy-in

In cash games, there is usually a minimum buy-in and a maximum buy-in, which regulate how much money you are allowed to bring to the poker table. Also see cash games.

Minimum Defense Frequency (MDF)

The minimum percentage of time a player needs to defend against a bet to prevent opponents from profitably bluffing them.


An accidental action in online poker, such as betting or folding unintentionally due to clicking the wrong button.


An error in dealing the cards, such as dealing to the wrong position or exposing cards, requiring a re-deal.


To incorrectly assess the strength of a hand or the board, often leading to poor decisions.

Mississippi Straddle

A form of straddle where the player on the button or in late position can post a live straddle, effectively increasing the stakes. Also see straddle.

Mixed Game

A poker format where multiple variants are played in rotation, such as H.O.R.S.E.

Monster (Hand)

A very strong hand that is almost certain to win.

Monster Draw

A very strong drawing hand, such as a straight draw combined with a flush draw.

Monster Pot

A very large pot, often the result of heavy betting and multiple players being involved.


Abbreviation for middle position.


When you win a hand while all opponents have folded, you can decide to place your cards face down in the pile. The same applies to the situation where someone before you shows a hand you cannot beat with yours. This is called a muck. You can also choose to show one or both cards if you prefer. Most players muck their cards to avoid giving other players free information. Muck also refers to the pile of all folded cards from players during the course of a hand.

Multi-Table Tournament

Any poker tournament played across more than one table is a multi-table tournament. Nearly every scheduled tournament is played as a multi-table tournament, while Sit & Go's are usually single table tournaments.

Multi-Way Pot

A pot that involves three or more players.


Abbreviation for multi-table tournament. Also see multi-table tournament on this page.