Poker Glossary

Poker terms beginning with a "N"

Nash Equilibrium

A game theory concept applied in poker where a player's strategy is optimal against an opponent's optimal strategy, making it unexploitable.

New Player Bonus

An incentive offered by online poker sites to attract new players, usually in the form of a bonus on the first deposit.

New York Back Raise

A deceptive move where a player initially calls a bet with the intention of re-raising if another player raises afterward.


A nit is a very tight player who plays very few hands and is typically conservative in their betting.

Nit Roll

When a very tight player takes a long time to call a bet with a strong hand, often unnecessarily.


Unlike Fixed-Limit games, you can bet or raise as little or as much as you want every time it's your turn to act. This makes Fixed-Limit and No-Limit very different poker games, both requiring entirely different poker strategies.

No Flop, No Drop

A rule in some poker rooms where no rake is taken from the pot if the hand does not reach the flop.

No Pair

A hand that does not contain a pair or any other higher-ranking combination, relying solely on the highest card.

No Show

When a player folds without showing their cards, especially when they could win the hand by showing them.

No-Limit Hold'em (NLHE)

The most popular variant of No-Limit poker, where each player is dealt two private cards, and five community cards are dealt face-up. NLHE is a commonly used abbreviation.

Nut Draw

A drawing hand that, if completed, will result in the best possible hand.

Nut Low

In split-pot games like Omaha Hi-Lo, the best possible low hand.

Nut Flush

The best possible flush, typically the ace-high flush.

Nut Flush Draw

A draw to the highest possible flush.

Nut Straight

The best possible straight, considering the board and the possible hand combinations.


The best possible pocket cards according to the board. If the community cards are King of Spades Queen of Hearts 10 of Hearts 8 of Spades 4 of Spades, the pocket cards Ace of Spades 2 of Spades are the nuts since there is no better hand at the table.

Nuts and Bolts

Basic, straightforward poker strategy focusing on fundamental concepts and solid play.