Global Economy Sags While Online Poker Rages On

Todd | October 1, 2008

With the record bail out package that tops seven hundred billion US dollars about to (presumably) pass a house vote, there’s no question that the turmoil has spilled over to a global stage. European markets have suffered, Asian markets have suffered, and certainly the US market has suffered with housing taking the worst of it. People are slowing down and taking time to consider every investment, every penny spent is now scrutinized by many families.

The polar opposite of that spectrum is the online poker world, which has completely turned that concept inside out. With the two top online poker sites taking in hordes of new players, the industry continues to buck trends and grow when so many other economic indicators are faltering.

During the month of September PokerStars remained the leader by a wide margin with an average of 18,644 players per day. They hit their peak on September 28th with 21,340 players were seated and playing real money games. Following closely behind was Full Tilt Poker with 8,039 players on average and a peak of 8,598 reached on September 17th.

Based on the outcome of this critical bill in the US, we will have to check back in another month to see how these same sites fared for the month of October.