Company Set to Study Online Poker Industry

Todd | October 2, 2008

Castle Technologies, an interactive gaming software developer announced today that they’re creating a white paper discussing the online gaming industry. They claim that online gaming will grow to a $48 billion dollar industry by 2010 and a whopping $125 billion by 2015. Their white paper will include information on the games they’re currently developing as well, Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Stud. They also have a patent pending progressive jackpot feature and new tournament structures.

While it’s exciting to see another player jump into the fray for the online gaming market, one has to wonder if these applications will ever see the light of day. Established brands such as Prima and Microgaming already have mature applications that can be licensed. A quick visit to their website yielded nothing as far as demos or even references for the fledgling company.

The one encouraging tidbit here is the growth of the online gambling industry because if the analysts are even half right, that’s a $60+ billion dollar industry we will see in just under 10 years. So perhaps there is indeed room for new players such as Castle but only time will tell.