Danish Player Peter Jespen Targeted

Todd | September 24, 2008

Well known Danish professional poker player Peter Jespen was recently the target of some very savvy fraud. The problem began when Jespen was contacted via email by a supposed representative of a well known Swedish media company. The perpetrator disguised themselves as a representative of Sweden’s OTW media which also happens to produce the popular poker show “The Game”. The perpetrator was attempted to gain Jespen’s interest in being on the show and the two even exchanged several emails.

Peter JespenIn a final email, the perpetrator sent Jespen a PDF file which contained information on the show and some of the details. Jespen however wouldn’t be fooled that easily. The supposed PDF file wasn’t a PDF at all but rather was an executable file. Upon investigation the executable file was found to be infected with a dangerous Trojan file that was capable of key logging. Key logging is a dangerous and devastating tactic that hackers use to capture peoples passwords and personal information.

When later contacted about the incident, OTW indicated that there weren’t even current plans to make another season of “The Game” and that if there would have been, email is not the method by which they would of contacted Jespen. This is once again a scary but all to true reality that comes with being a high stakes poker player, remember to always be on the lookout for Internet predators.