Club WPT Have You Going For Gold

Andrew | July 31, 2012

Club WPT - Going for Gold PromotionThe Olympics Games in London have certainly caught the imagination of people all over the world and there is a desire to get involved. We may not all be blessed with the talent and drive to go for gold in London 2012 but if you have poker skills, Club WPT are giving you the chance to get on to the road for poker gold. The fun begins on the 1st of August and you have the chance to run for the glory, and $500 in cash, in three different poker disciplines.

Club WPT has always been strong at providing different poker disciplines, which has been one of its strongest points. Too many online poker sites provide a limited amount of poker games to their players so if you have skills in different disciplines, look out for this latest Club WPT promotion. The poker types involved are:

  • Pot Limit Omaha
  • 6-Max No Limit Hold ‘Em
  • Deep Stack No Limit Bold ‘Em

All three of these disciplines provide a separate route, all with $500 at the end of it, so start limbering up and getting prepared for your dash for the gold.

Satellite link-ups to boost your gold finish chances

All three of the routes offer three daily satellite events to win a place through to the grand final. Winning a daily satellite provides you with $10 and entry to the final, second place earns you $5 and entry to the final whereas finishing third merely earns you entry to the final.

Each final has $500 up for grabs to be shared out amongst the top three competitors in the field. The 1st place player gets the gold prize, which is $250. The silver position player gets $150 cash and the bronze finisher will receive $100. When you consider the Olympic Games are supposedly built around amateur status (we’ll ignore the professionals and the mass-marketing sponsorship deals), this is more money than the athletes will get for actually grabbing a medal in London!

If you have been bought by the gold-rush fever but don’t have the skills to achieve an Olympic Gold medal, play to your strengths and aim for gold in a discipline you can excel at. With three different poker disciplines catered for, Club WPT are giving you every chance to earn yourself a place on the podium and the chance to write your name in the history books!