Looking For Something Different? Merge Poker Has It!

Melissa Knight | November 8, 2012
Merge Poker

Online poker can be great fun, but over time, it can become a little ho-hum when you play game after game in the same poker room. You play the same games, and the same tournaments – with the same people, over and over again. You probably find that the same people play the same tournaments, too and over time it can make your poker fun a little less than thrilling. If you’re looking for something different when it comes to your online poker experience, you should consider checking out Merge Poker.

What makes it unique?

So, what makes this online poker experience so much different than other online poker rooms? It would have to start with the variety that you get when you choose to play with Merge Poker. Unlike creating an account with just one online poker room, when you create an account with Merge, you’re creating an account with many different online poker rooms. So, say you like one kind of tournament with one poker room, like [url href=https://www.onlinepokersitesus.com/online-poker-sites/carbon-poker/ ]Carbon Poker[/url], but you really love the way that Aced Poker offers freerolls to enjoy when you want them. No problem, because you can enjoy both of them with your one Merge Network account.

It’s simple and it’s fun and the best part is that you can enjoy as much variety as you can dish out for yourself. If you want to play two different games in two different online poker rooms within the network, you can do just that because this software allows you to split your screen into multiple windows. Now, you can play more than one game at a time and never miss a single move. This is online poker at it’s very best and that’s just the beginning of the features that players can enjoy with this software.

What makes players fall in love with it?

If you’re like many, you want to know what it is about Merge Poker that really makes players fall in love with this option when it comes to playing online poker. Since each player is different, and you are too, what you wind up falling in love with will depend on what you find important, but there are some very big reasons why you might want to check it out.

Carbon Poker

For starters, players get more options when it comes to tournaments. Instead of having to choose from what one online poker room has to offer on any particular day, there are many different poker rooms to visit. Another great benefit for players is the fact that with Merge, players get to enjoy more bonuses, rewards and perks because they play on more than one site. This allows players to rack up more VIP points and have more chances to win the big prizes and jackpots that really make the difference.

If that’s not enough, Merge Poker allows players the simplicity of doing everything from just one account and one download. That’s one account to deposit and monitor, and one download to make it all happen.

Merge Poker has taken online poker boredom and kicked it to the curb, so why not see what variety really looks like? More information about the Merge Network and the Merge Poker sites can be found on https://www.mergepoker.org.