Legal US Poker – You Can Find It!

Melissa Knight | April 10, 2012
Legal US Poker

Lots of US poker players have recently found themselves in a bit of a situation when it comes to online poker sites that they can actually play on. Recent changes in laws in the US have made it really hard for players in the United States to find great places to play. The sites that these players get to enjoy often turn out to be, well, less than enjoyable.

Maybe they cost too much, maybe the tournaments are too limited. Maybe the extras aren’t really extras at all. Whatever is wrong with many of the poker sites that let US players play legally, the bottom line is that they just aren’t as great as some of the others out there.

Consider an Alternative

Maybe it’s time for US players to consider an alternative to the usual online poker sites out there. If you’re a poker player in the United States, then you should know that there is now an alternative. It’s a poker site that you subscribe to.

With most online poker sites, you have to make a deposit into your account before you can play poker. The amount of money in your account is the amount that you can play on a game. If you don’t have enough between your deposit and earned bonuses, then you won’t be able to play until you make a deposit.

If you lose, you lose that money. Winning can be great, but unless you’re a pro playing amateurs, there is a substantial financial risk to playing poker this way. You could be out money that you could use for something else.

Subscription poker gives you unlimited access to poker tournaments and you’re entered to win big money each month. Its risk free poker at it’s very best. Plus, the games you play are still serious business.

Play at Club WPT

The Benefits

Not only is this a great way to play legal US poker, but you’re likely to love all the great stuff that goes with a VIP membership. For instance, the cost of membership is minimal compared to making deposits every time you want to play. If that doesn’t convince you, then maybe the unlimited access to games will make a difference. This is how some of the best become the best. When you can’t play unless you have money, you can’t become a better player, but with a paid monthly membership that offers unlimited access to games, you’ll get plenty of practice.

If this isn’t enough, maybe the fact that you’re entered to win great big money each and every month will get you excited. Still want more? How about free online access to WPT Poker magazine and even episodes of the WPT season IX?

There are so many more benefits that you’re sure to love and when you’re looking for Legal US poker, this is your very best bet.

Isn’t it time to start enjoying the risk free and legal online poker you really want to play?