The Best Times To Play Poker Online

George | December 18, 2008

In order to succeed in online poker it helps to understand when to play. Poker rooms that boast of having thousands upon thousands of players active at the same time usually don’t have them active 24/7 especially the poker sites that accept US players because of time-zones.

Depending on where you live you need to check where there is the most traffic in the hours that you like to play. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on when your games come out the best and adjust your hours to this.

When the fish come out

Fish playing poker

A lot of players mean a lot of fish. If you want to catch the loose games you’ll need to be around when the people who play just for fun come into the poker room. This is typically on weekends and in the nights. With the holidays coming up there will most likely be more players coming in to the poker rooms from adjoining casinos and this creates good fishing waters. When poker rooms are offering special bonuses or promotions it could also create greater traffic by beginner players that you could try and exploit.

Time difference

Don’t forget the time difference between different countries. Most poker players active online come from the USA and the UK. Depending on where you live you will have to take this into consideration. If you are in Europe but you prefer to play against the US crowd you need to play late at night or early morning to catch their evenings and late nights. Some poker rooms have software that will make it clear what the clock is around the globe so that you understand if it is really rush hour by the tables or not.

Worst time to play

The worst time to play poker online is usually around mid-day and in the middle of the week. Only the very big poker sites will have enough traffic to support enough tables at these hours and you won’t see much fish. Also, the pros tend to be playing during the day. For some it is not so good to play late at night even if this lets you play against a certain crowd. If the dark makes you tired it is better to stick to the early evening when your game is still fresh.

Personal statistics

It is very wise to make use of the excellent tools for statistics that many online poker rooms are offering. With these you can see when you are playing the best. You might be surprised to find your winning games are concentrated to hours you weren’t expecting. Take into account who your opponents were and what your general status was. It is not to recommend kicking back with a beer when you are trying to stay focused on your poker game. Learning to read your own game will also let you know when your best time to play is.