Best Poker Sites For Cash Games

George | December 20, 2008

It isn’t difficult to find a good cash game online. There are plenty of poker rooms and ring games are constantly starting up. To determine which site will be the best for you, you need to understand just what you are looking for in a game. Even if a site has a huge amount of cash games going on it might not be suitable for a player looking for tables especially suitable for beginners. Knowing your own game will help you find the best site for cash games.

Finding the fish

An important part of the cash games is indeed the cash and many skilled players enjoy taking advantage of beginner players and their wallets. This is fair game and for a player looking for fish there are plenty of great online poker rooms to join. If there is a lot of traffic it will usually mean a lot of fish but this is not always for sure. A poker room that gets traffic from an online casino is usually a sure place to find fish. These are players that play it loose and will give you the pot without much of a sweat.

Easy navigation

For a poker room to be enjoyable the lobby needs to be clear and easy to navigate in. When you are looking for a specific type of table you don’t want to ask the customer support how to find it. The best sites for cash games clearly mark in the lobby what links lead to what type of cash games. You will want to know how many players are active in order to determine what the pace at the table is. You also need to check out the average pot rate so that you get an idea of who the players around the table are.

Tools for better play

In the best online poker rooms there are many tools that can enhance your general gaming and your specific results in the cash games. Something that is A and O for success in cash games is the ability to take notes while you are playing. This function lets you keep track of your opponents and give you an idea of what to expect when you meet them again. Try to join a poker room that has a good rumor for smooth and well developed software. It should aim to customize the technique to the needs of the individual players.

Set rakes

Some poker rooms offer cash games with set rakes and other will take a fee for every half an hour. A cash game could stretch out in time, especially if it is a full ring game. Make sure to check what the rake policy of the poker room is before you start playing so that you won’t pay the casino more than necessary.