More Countries Get Legal Online Poker

George | January 15, 2010

As the online poker loving citizenry of United States are currently awaiting on pins and needles the promised “new and improved” Congressional Poker Bill, said to be released and reviewed by Congress within the week, more countries are getting into the legal online poker game.

PartyGaming Gets in the Game Early

Two countries – Denmark and Estonia – have already or are about to legalize online poker. And PartyGaming is going to be right there at forefront for at least one of them.

Denmark’s Danske Spil, the state-run gaming operation, has signed PartyGaming to provide its online gaming platforms, including online casinos and online poker rooms. In addition to being a government running gambling operation, Danske Spil is the largest and most successful in the Denmark.

Sounds like a great model for other countries (like the U.S., maybe?) to follow. As for PartyGaming (parent company of Party Poker) this is the first government contract they have secured, but surely it is not the last.

Estonia comes fresh off another highly successful Baltic Festival of Poker, and the government of the small and not commonly known country found big bucks in its coffers coming from the festivities. So unlike the hemming and hawing Washingtonians, the government of Estonia decided to fatten their wallets further by legalizing (and of course regulating and taxing) online poker.

Brilliant! Wouldn’t it be great if some state in the U.S., some progressive leaning state occupying the better part of the western coast perhaps, set a precedent for its country by legalizing and subsequently regulating and taxing online poker? Hello, Governor Arnold – are you listening?