Full Tilt Poker Rivalry: The Rise & Fall Of Isildur1

George | December 15, 2009

Patrik AntoniusIt all happened on Full Tilt Poker over the course of the past month. A cast of Full Tilt Poker Pros headed up by Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius got involved in a major high stakes online poker rivalry that has taken on unimaginable proportions in no time at. Let’s see if we can give you a rundown and catch you all up.

Tom “durrrr” Dwan, whose meteoric rise to fame as one of the reputed best in the world at NL Hold’em started not too long ago with a cheap satellite on Full Tilt Poker, put out a $1 million challenge for 50,000 hands of play at Full Tilt Poker’s heads-up high stakes no limit Texas Hold’em tables. Patrik Antonius took that challenge, and after much back and forth, it is still anybody’s game.

During this time, Patrik Antonius twice (in less than 2 weeks time) claimed the world’s record for the biggest pot won in online poker history.

Shortly thereafter, an unknown, who remains to this day unknown, who is only known by his Full Tilt Poker username Isildur1 started taking on these two rivals during their “downtimes” from competition with one another. In so doing, this mystery player from Sweden took millions of dollars off of each of these players. At one point, Isildur1 was $6 million-plus ahead, $5 million of that off of Dwan and $1 million off of Antonius.

Brian HastingsOf course that wasn’t meant to last, and after a little helpful interference from Phil Ivey, the other two pros, along with Ilari Sahamies and a few others, managed to make a dent in Isildur1’s killing about $4.1 million deep.

Then, while Isildur1’s on tilt at Full Tilt, enter Brain Hastings. Not as big a name as Dwan or Antonius, but every bit as big a pro player, and he showed it when he swept into the ring to find out what Isildur1 was really made of and walked away with $4.2 million of what risen and fallen mystery Swede had left.

And now you’re caught up to the pro-amateur rivalry at the high stakes heads-up No Limit Hold’em tables over at Full Tilt Poker. If you’re not quite yet ready to play for millions of dollars you can play a free poker game, or two, or you can even go there to just watch the high stakers from the rail.