6 Tips To Improve Your Double Or Nothing Sit And Go Game

Niko | February 16, 2009

Double or nothing sit and go’s have a very unique structure, especially for single table tournaments that aren’t satellites. In a nutshell, double or nothing tournaments are exactly what they sound like. You either double your money by finishing in the top half of the tournament or you get nothing by coming in the bottom half. Due to this unique payout structure you should adjust your game when playing in a double or nothing tournament. Here are a few tips to help you beat double or nothing sit and go games:

1. Play super tight early in the tournament

The first few blind levels you should play an extremely tight style and only be playing premium hands in position. By preserving your stack through the first few levels you give your opponents time to bust each other and you also set yourself up to be able to make raises in the middle stages. You do not want to take any risk at this stage in the tournament and you should try not to waste chips.

2. Maintain your stack through the middle stages

As the blinds start to increase you will want to try to maintain your stack size by making some smart raises from good positions and hopefully stealing some blinds.

3. Don’t call raises through the middle and late stages

Once the blinds are up to 50/100 or so it is not smart to waste your chips by calling raises. Instead you should just be thinking about folding or pushing over the top when facing a raise. It is not worth wasting a few chips to see a flop because those few chips may end up being the difference between a double or a nothing in this payout structure.

4. Avoid coin flips

Coin flip all-ins are not to your advantage in double or nothing sit and go’s. The value of the chips you would earn does not equal the value of the chips you already have and because of this it is not a smart play to risk your chips on a coin flip. This means do not make all-in calls with hands you know will only have about a 50% chance of winning such as low pocket pairs.

5. Stay tight at the bubble

The easiest way to not bubble in these tournaments is to not risk your chips. It is easier to stay tight in double or nothing sit and go’s than normal ones because there are more players remaining that can bubble. The extra players also means there is less pressure from the blinds. Remember, you are playing for 5th not 1st, so gathering chips should not be a concern. Your only concern should be survival.

6. Move all-in from good positions late

This is a survival technique, not a chip accumulation technique. Your goal is to steal enough blinds to re-place the ones that are being stolen from you. You should only be pushing from good positions and against players that have shown they are going to fold most hands.