WSOP Main Event Winners

Winners of the WSOP Main Event

The 2008 winner of the WSOP was Danish Peter Eastgate. Eastgate walked with $9,152,416 in prize money away after eliminating Russian runner up, Ivan Demidov. The 2008 WSOP had the second largest prize pool, after the WSOP of 2006 which was won by Jamie Gold.

At age 22 years, 10 months, and 28 days, Peter Eastgate was the youngest WSOP winner ever.

The World Series of Poker Main Event of 2008 had four first days, with the first one being was held on July 3rd. The final table was delayed until November 9th, which was exactly 117 days later than the final table players were determined on day 7 of the Main Event. Nine players made it to the WSOP final, which took 278 hands to complete. Each of the final nine players were guaranteed with a payout of $900,670.

YearWinnerPrizeFinal hand
2011Pius Heinz$8,715,638AsKc
2010Jonathan Duhamel$8,944,138AsJh
2009Joe Cada$8,546,4359c9d
2008Peter Eastgate$9,119,517Ad5s
2007Jerry Yang$8,250,0008d8c
2006Jamie Gold$12,000,000Qs9c
2005Joseph Hachem$7,500,0007c3s
2004Greg Raymer$5,000,0008d8s
2003Chris Moneymaker$2,500,0005d4s
2002Robert Varkonyi$2,000,000QsTs
2001Juan Carlos Mortensen$1,500,000KcQc
2000Chris Ferguson$1,500,000As9c
1999Noel Furlong$1,000,0005d5c
1998Scotty Nguyen$1,000,000Jd9c
1997Stu Ungar$1,000,000Ah4c
1996Huck Seed$1,000,0009d8d
1995Dan Harrington$1,000,0009d8d
1994Russ Hamilton$1,000,000Ks8h
1993Jim Bechtel$1,000,000Jc6h
1992Hamid Datsmalchi$1,000,0008h4c
1991Brad Daugherty$895,000KsJs
1990Mansour Matloubi$755,0006h6s
1989Phil Hellmuth Jr.$755,0009s9c
1988Johnny Chan$700,000Jc9c
1987Johnny Chan$625,000As9c
1986Berry Johnston$570,000AsTh
1985Bill Smith$700,0003h3s
1984Jack Keller$660,000ThTs
1983Tom McEvoy$540,000QdQs
1982Jack Straus$520,000AhTs
1981Stu Ungar$375,000AhQh
1980Stu Ungar$385,0005s4s
1979Hal Fowler$270,0007s6d
1978Bobby Baldwin$210,000QdQc
1977Doyle Brunson$340,000Ts2h
1976Doyle Brunson$220,000Ts2s
1975Brian “Sailor” Roberts$210,0009h9s
1974Johnny Moss$160,0003h3s
1973Walter “Puggy” Pearson$130,000As7s
1972Thomas “Amarillo Slim” Preston$80,000KJ
1971Johnny Moss$30,000
1970Johnny MossSilver Cup