WSOP History

The WSOP Throughout the Years

TheWorld Series of Poker, without hesitation world’s most prestigieus annual series of poker events, with the main event being the dream of hundreds of thousands of amateur poker players.’s new and improvedWorld Series of Poker Historysection on is one of the most comprehensive that you can think of. It doesn’t come as a surprise that there is a whole lot to tell about the evolution of this event, the “official” world championship of poker, and it’s numerous amounts of contesters from all over the world.

In 15 in-depth articles we will guide you throughout the years of the WSOP, from the early beginnings until present time. Every significant happening is covered, from the informal poker games leading up to the first episode of the WSOP main event, how the exclusion of Jack Binion lead to a boycott, the take-over and move from the Horseshoe to the Rio, the Internet era, and the introduction of the November Nine, all the way up to present time.

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  1. The Beginnings
  2. Things Start Taking Off
  3. The Roaring Eighties
  4. The Early Nineties
  5. Silver Bars To The Comeback Kid
  6. Jack Binion Gets Forced Out
  7. The New Millenium
  8. The WSOP Gets Its World Rocked
  9. Harrah’s Takes Over
  10. The WSOP Moves To The Rio
  11. The WSOP Grows One More Time
  12. The Empire Strikes Back
  13. The November Nine Begins
  14. Once In A Blue Moon
  15. The 2010 Championship
  16. The 2011 WSOP Final Table Preview
  17. The 2011 WSOP Championship
  18. The 2012 World Series Of Poker
  19. The 2012 WSOP October Nine

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