Why Patience Is The Key To Poker

George | April 8, 2010

A Game for a Lifetime

The most common reason why poker became so popular in such a short time is because the core of the game is the individual’s mind. Mastering excellent life skills such as making the right choices and disciplining yourself whenever you run out of choices are some of the virtues of this game.

The ones who have played poker know that this is a game for a lifetime. If life hasn’t taught players how to have discipline and how to be aggressive without being reckless then the poker game will fulfill this educative task.

Discipline and Patience

Everyday routine provides enough events that are parallel to basic poker strategies. For example, we must have patience and discipline when we fry an egg for breakfast or wait for our best friend at the corner. Imagine the aftermath of these basic events if we lack discipline and patience. Odds are that we would end up at the hospital with burn marks on our face or we would flush down the toilet an incredible friendship.

It goes without saying that these two principles are at the basis of the golden rule. Having patience is essential in poker; in fact it makes all the difference. You could have truckloads of money to buy chips, if you don’t have that tiny detail.

The Goal in Poker

I’ve never seen anybody who played poker to lose. It defies ant logic to come to the poker table and be inpatient. The most evasive interpretation would be that somebody is eager to win, but this in turn omits losing.

The conclusion is that simple: not having patience is poisonous for the game. Not having consistent discipline will prevent you from becoming a successful poker player in the long run. The goal of every player is to gather as much money as possible and go home victoriously.

Crushing the Competition

Poker implies mastering the psychological manifestations. Contrary to what others believe, staying within your own head and guiding the impulses is mandatory. Avoid the temptation of getting into somebody else’s head in order to win the pot.

The secret behind crushing the competition is so simple: knowing how to unleash your mental faculties and nothing else.

Lack of Patience Leads to Mistakes

With so much enthusiasm under their shirt, players often play hands they are forbidden, or this is how logic would dictate it. If anything, then this is a pure sign of lack of patience. The bottom point is that playing trash hands from the wrong position should be always avoided. Missing the big blind is a result of negligence, which in turn triggers frustration and soon you’ll discover that you are at the verge of rocketing from the table. Whatever you do, do not show your emotions or you’ll risk throwing your patience to the wind. Avoid these mistakes and you will strike gold.

No matter if you play free poker, online poker for real money, or together with friends, you will discover that patience is one of the most important keys to poker.