Tuan Le

Winning any poker game or event is worth celebrating but when you mark your entrance into the big games with two major wins in one season, people will stand up and take note of your actions. This is definitely the case ofTuan Lewho exploded onto the WPT scene back in season 3 with two sensational wins and another money finish. The wins may not have followed in the intervening years in the way that Le would have liked but there is no doubt that the player is still highly regarded as one of the key poker players of the modern generation.

Tuan Le was born in Paris, France on the 15th of February in 1978 and hails from Vietnamese ancestry. Le was of a young age when his parents moved to Kansas City but they soon moved on to Los Angeles in California. Le was prodigious at school, doing well at Cal-State Northridge where he studied as a finance major but this was also where he developed his love for poker.

Small limit games built the success to follow

Le developed his skills at the $20/$40 Limit Hold’em games that were played in the Hustler Casino but things were soon to get a lot more real for the young poker player.

Tuan Le exploded onto the scene in the3rd season of the WPTwhere his first triumph came at the World Poker Finals, where a cheque of over $1,500,000 was his reward. Tuan Le built on this early promise and managed to triumph at the season 3 WPT Championship, where his winnings were $2,856,150. Thanks to an earlier money finish in the same campaign, Tuan Le ended season 3 of the WPT with over $4.4m in winnings. Some poker players can play their entire life and not come near to winning a sum like this and yet here was Tuan Le cleaning up at a very young age.

8 money finishes is a great return

At the end of 2010, Tuan Le had managed 8 money finishes at major poker events and clearly time is still on Le’s side to triumph more in the game. Having just turned 33 in February 2011, Le is not even at middle-age for a poker player so there is no reason to suggest why he cannot go on to improve upon his current standing and number of title wins.

Unlike some poker players, Tuan Le is recognised as being humble to players and fans alike. In a brash world, it is refreshing to see players behave in this manner and no doubt his upbringing continues to play an influence on the way that Tuan le lives his life. Successful poker can often be about being brash, bold and making big decisions but there is no need to be nasty or argumentative when doing so. Tuan Le has a playing style that works for him and it has paid dividends over the years.

It is always of benefit to have hobbies and interests away from the poker table and Tuan Le is said to be a notable tennis and badminton player. There may not be a correlation between the skills Tuan Le displays on the poker table as he does on the court but it can be of benefit to get away from it all and give yourself a proper break. Having other sporting interests is of interest to many gamers and gamblers and a healthy body can help with having a healthy mind.