Making The Most Out Of Your Poker Bonus

George | December 13, 2007

No deposit bonuses or first deposit bonuses, there are plenty to choose from, but they aren’t worth anything if you don’t know how to make the most out of it.

Because of the nature of this site, Poker For Free, we see many players choosing for free online poker money and instant poker bonuses. Let tell you a little bit about them in a nut shell, and how you can get the maximum value out of each of them.

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is usually an instant poker given to welcome new players. As it says, there is no deposit needed to get some free cash into your poker bankroll, thus it’s very interesting for players new to the game of poker.

Unfortunately, many beginning poker players don’t see the real value of free money. They simply forget that it is real and blow it away just like it’s play money, by playing impatiently and above their personal level – not thinking about bankroll management at all!

VC Poker offers one of the most generous no deposit bonuses in the industry, in fact you are able to get a total of $35 free. At first you’ll get $10 for signing-up and later on, after generating 2000 Action Points, they will add another $25 to your account.

To get the most out of it you have to treat the free online poker money seriously. It’s wise to play cash games solely, so at least you’ll have a decent shot at generating enough Action Points. Be prepared that this might take a while when playing micro stakes poker.

Instant Poker Bonus

An instant poker bonus, or also know as direct cash bonuses are given to players for making a (small) deposit. This bonus is paid out instantly, and can be used to poker directly. For instance, Poker For Free has negotiated a special deal with CD Poker and Celeb Poker, all players signing up with them, and making a deposit will get a $20 instant poker bonus plus the regular first deposit bonus. Party Poker has a similar bonus, but there you’ve got to make a deposit of at least $50 to receive $25 free.

Though, in general there is one problem with instant poker bonuses. Players make really small deposits just to get some free poker cash and generally tend to forget that they are wasting a one time first deposit bonus. In fact, it’s adviced to make a significant first deposit to get the most out of it. Let me give you a couple of examples:

CD Poker – $20 + 150% up to $500

  • Deposit $20
  • Receive $40
  • First Deposit Bonus $30


  • Deposit $200 (or more up to $500)
  • Receive $220
  • First Deposit Bonus $600

Note: you may withdraw your initial deposit at any time.

First Deposit Bonus

Basically you’re better of with instant poker bonuses as explained above, since you’ll be able to benefit from both the deals. Unfortunately not all online poker rooms promoted on Poker For Free offer them and sometimes you want to play at a specific room to gain from a certain promotion. Again, and I keep repeating this, don’t waste your precious first time deposit bonus!

Reload Bonus

The reload bonus is very valuable to frequent poker players. This might not be your biggest concern if you are new to the game, but if you’re a daily poker player and make regular deposits, then this is something to take in mind when choosing an online poker room.

Most recommended rooms with reload bonuses are VC Poker and Poker Nordica. VC Poker offers their players a regular reload bonus up to $3,000 per year. You can receive up to $250 each and every month. Simply enter the relevant code as listed on the VC Poker website in conjunction with one of your monthly deposits and you will receive a generous 25% bonus on that deposit amount.