Learn How To Win A Sit And Go In 10 Steps

George | April 20, 2010
Sit and Go Tips

During the last couple of years the online Sit and Go poker tournaments have started to be more and more popular. In case you are going to apply the right knowledge, you can easily increase your chances of winning the Sit and Go poker tournaments.

In this article we are going to give you a short guide on what you should do in order to improve your game of Sit and Go poker.

  1. Take into consideration your position, when playing SNG tournaments. This means that you will have to play fewer hands the moment you find yourself in an early position, usually you should only play the strong and premium hands. Once you find yourself in a late position you can definitely loosen up your play and start playing more hands. Since you are going to be the last one to act, you will have the maximum amount of information at the table and it’s always best that you use that in your advantage.
  2. Learn to watch the other players at the table. You must take a close look at the cards that your opponents are playing. The weak players that are going to play very tight will certainly give away all their chips and you must be there to take advantage of them. There will also be many aggressive players that will force you to make some hard decisions. This is the reason why you should only play the premium hands that you get.
  3. In case you start feeling that everybody knows what cards you have, and you see everybody at the table folding their cards the moment you have a big and strong hand, you should definitely start mixing your game. Start showing a couple of bluffs and this way you will manage to confuse your opponents a little bit.
  4. When you are on the bubble make sure that you start making your move just before you will get short-stacked by the other players. Start being aggressive and try to steal some of the blinds that are there.
  5. Don’t become desperate ,and when the occasion occurs, try to steal some pots. When everybody will start folding to you, the stolen pots will definitely help you improve your position at the table.
  6. Make sure that you pay attention to the stack level of your opponents. People will start to value cards differently when they have a short stack and they will place all ins during some different circumstances. It is very important that you play accordingly to the situation at the table.
  7. The beginner players definitely love to play at the smaller buy-in Sit and Go poker tournaments, this is the reason why there is a big difference between a $5 SNG and a $50 SNG. Make sure that you are careful when moving up to higher levels; one mistake could totally blow out your bankroll.
  8. Before you play them, it’s better to watch a few SNG games that have a higher buy-in level. This way you will get to know the atmosphere at the higher buy-in level. You will also have to make sure to pick the right table and don’t get involved into a too sharp game.
  9. Some SNG tournaments might be a lot easier to play at the higher levels since many of the players will already have settled to a strategy and because of that they will be a lot more predictable.
  10. Make sure that you adopt the right Sit and Go strategy against different types of players. This means that you will have to play tight against loose players and that you must play loose against tight players.